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The markets for digital currencies are often highly volatile. For investors, this is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, amazing profits are possible within a short period of time. On the other hand, sudden price falls can lead to unpleasant losses. Anyone who wants to swim up there in this environment needs competent help.
Bitcoin automatic broker Bitcoin Compass has made headlines lately in this regard. The program impresses with its ease of use, the automatic functionality and the high profits, which various investors have already reported. That's why it's time to take a closer look at Bitcoin Compass.

Our rating: Bitcoin Compass is not a scam.
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Bitcoin Profit experiences and test

Read on to find out what the trading platform is all about.

Digital currencies open up new opportunities

The hype about bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies picked up speed a few years ago. A growing number of investors decided to try their luck in the digital currency market. The result was unexpected course jumps that made many people very rich. As is the case with many such developments, a downward course correction was only a matter of time. Overall, the markets for cryptocurrencies today are more volatile and erratic than they were in the early days. Speculators have found their way into the market. Anyone who wants to make good money with crypto currencies today should therefore be prepared to equip themselves accordingly. Even the most volatile and unpredictable market can be mastered with the right tool.

Our rating: Bitcoin Compass is not a scam.
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Basics about Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass advantages

Bitcoin Compass is a trading platform that contains a program of the same name. It is a so-called crypto robot, software that is able to independently trade with crypto currencies. Crypto robots are primarily tools for merchants. Bitcoin Compass relieves investors of a large part of the decisions that determine day-to-day trading in the market, allowing them to concentrate on other things. Professional traders can focus on more complex trades. Smaller investors, on the other hand, have more free time available, while Bitcoin Compass manages their investments independently and ensures them attractive additional income.

A first look at the operator's website

If you want to find out more about Bitcoin Compass, you first land on the operator's landing page. There the program is advertised and highlighted which functions it has and which advantages potential users can expect. Video material serves both as an introduction and as an advertisement. The information is of a fundamental nature and should only be used by cautious investors as a first point of contact and as a basis for further research. If you haven't had any experience with cryptocurrencies, you should definitely do so before using the program.
The operators can be reached via the website using a contact form. It also serves as a point of contact for the initial registration of new users. The actual trading platform of Bitcoin Compass can only be viewed after successful registration.

How to register at Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass works

There is a form on the landing page that must be completed in full. Little personal information is required. It is the name, the telephone number and a correct e-mail address. The latter is important because after submitting the form you will receive a confirmation email. If the registration is successfully completed, you get access to the actual trading platform.

For beginners: the demo mode

After you are on the platform, you should first get an overview of all functions and possibilities of the program. The best way to do this is to use the demo mode. The demo mode is a simulation, the purpose of which is to give newcomers the opportunity to learn how to use Bitcoin Compass properly without having to wager real money.
In demo mode, the course of various crypto currencies is simulated in great detail. Users can also access all of the features of the program and trade with it in the same way as they would in the correct markets. Newbies should use this opportunity to familiarize themselves with how Bitcoin Compass works.
There is also the option of using the demo mode again later to test new trading strategies. The profits and losses within the simulation have no effect on the actual account of the user. However, you can give it an indication of how effective a particular strategy is in a given market situation. Likewise, it should never be forgotten that this is only a simulation. This can never show the price developments in the real world 100%, which is why profits and losses within the simulation cannot be transferred 1 to 1 to the real markets.

Our rating: Bitcoin Compass is not a scam.
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The two ways of trading with Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass experts

Bitcoin Compass allows investors to trade in two different ways. A distinction is made between independent trading and automated trading.
The independent trade
With independent trading, investors trade on their own responsibility. You can use Bitcoin Compass like a normal trading platform and buy and sell on the crypto exchanges on your own. In doing so, they largely rely on their own knowledge and gut feeling. The program can be consulted for statistics, indicators and analysis. However, this is only information. It is up to the investor whether he or she relies on this information. Of course, this independent trade is associated with a higher risk. Without the help of the Bitcoin Compass crypto bot, the risk of loss is significantly higher, especially for beginners. However, this mode offers experienced investors the opportunity to trade independently in addition to the Kryotpbot and to pursue a two-pronged trading strategy.
Automated trading
With automated trading, users instead rely on the bot from Bitcoin Compass. This is controlled by a number of parameters. These allow users to give the robot a series of specifications that determine its actions on the stock exchange. Apart from these specifications, however, the program acts independently and does not require any further input. Automated trading is the core of Bitcoin Compass. The bot can analyze what is happening on the market in a split second and make the right decision at lightning speed. This enables success rates that a human trader can only achieve with a lot of luck.

How serious is Bitcoin Compass?

The landing page of Bitcoin Compass is free from malware. The layout of the page is kept simple. The information provided is of a fundamental nature and mixed with advertising messages. The profit promises are bold and very optimistic. These are common advertising gangs. Common sense should make every investor realize that there is no program in the world that can make a profit anytime, anywhere. Bitcoin Compass cannot guarantee miracles either. The impressive profits that many users have achieved with the program are also proven. Investors can make huge profits with Bitcoin Compass. The frequency of profits is also noticeably higher with the program than without its help. On the other hand, occasional losses and dry spells cannot be ruled out. However, this does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about possible fraud. Rather, every investor should be aware of the risk involved in investing in cryptocurrencies.
Before users can start trading, the platform asks them to pay an initial fee. This summer is the minimum capital that is required for independent trading or the use of the cryptobot. The minimum amount is $ 250. Investors can pay in a higher sum if they wish. For beginners, however, $ 250 is enough to get started on the platform. Paid money and winnings can be paid out later at any time and transferred to an account of your choice.

Tips for beginners

The most important tip for beginners is to take the time to get to know the program completely. Bitcoin Compass can generally be seen as beginner-friendly. Operation is easy and all decisions that require precise background knowledge are made by the cryptobot itself. Nevertheless, the bot can be controlled via the parameters. This allows investors to adapt their trading strategy to changes in the market. In order to know when such changes are necessary and which settings promise the greatest success, however, it takes a certain amount of experience. For this it is worthwhile to spend more time at the beginning to watch the program at work and to make corrections more often. The time savings that Bitcoin Compass offers its users can then come fully to bear later when you get the hang of it and can leave the robot to work unobserved for a long time.

Our rating: Bitcoin Compass is not a scam.
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The bottom line

Bitcoin Compass is an attractive program for investors who are interested in adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolio. The cryptobot acts automatically and only needs a small amount of user input. The results are consistently convincing. High profits and great time savings make Bitcoin Compass an ideal tool for experienced traders and occasional investors alike.
Bitcoin Compass is a trading platform that every serious investor should try at least once.