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Test report last updated: 05/11/2021

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Our conclusion in advance: BItcoin Future is a reliable software and suitable for beginners as well as professionals. Try it here for free NOW.

Automated trading software
BItcoin Future is an automated trading software that makes it easier for investors to invest in Bitcoin.
Profit maximization
The software promises a fully automated return of over 90%.
Intensive test report
Our editorial team has dealt intensively with the software. The following explains how the system works and how serious the software really is.
BItcoin Future convinced! Our team can unreservedly recommend the software!
James Miller, Editor-in-Chief, Crypto Nachrichten

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How can youbenefit from BItcoin Future?

Step 1: Click the link to go to the BItcoin Future official website.
Step 2: Fill out the form to get a FREE license to trade.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to start profiting from Bitcoin quickly!

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Investing capital correctly and making substantial profits is an art in itself. Insiders also know that in most cases an investment does not immediately lead to a millionaire existence. Furthermore, each type of investment requires its own background knowledge and strategies, which cannot necessarily be applied to any other form of investing. BItcoin Future experiences and test

Monitoring prices, calculating probabilities and forecasting potential price developments is also very time-consuming, requires strong intuition and benefits from mathematical knowledge.

Newcomers who previously had no contact with cryptocurrencies and specialists who do not have the time to constantly monitor their investments now have a completely new way of making profits: Various platforms have developed programs that allow automatic trading in virtual currencies, without in-depth previous knowledge or large time capacities are necessary.

Such an automated software is offered, for example, by BItcoin Future, whose robot is supposed to multiply the money entrusted to it fully automatically.

BItcoin Future experiences – a realistic chance of winning?

Several tests have already shown that the crypto platform BItcoin Future can increase invested capital. The crypto broker thus offers a good alternative to other investment options.

Particularly in the current phase of low interest rates, which hardly brings up any yields, the choice of fully automated robots is a good way of investing free capital profitably. Investors benefit from the independent work of the software, which can save not only time but also nerves.

Try BItcoin Future for free now

The bot calculates the necessary probabilities using a stored algorithm and predicts potential price developments. Based on this information, he uses the money entrusted to him in such a way that the greatest possible profits are achieved and losses are largely avoided.

In addition to the automatic function of the BItcoin Future robot, user-defined requests can also be recorded. In this way, various parameters can be determined that allow the investor to further optimize the chances of winning.

Since offsetting the bot is never ruled out, even with the best software, it is possible to easily pause the program if negative series should be produced. This measure protects traders from the complete loss of their capital and allows parameters to be redefined and the trading strategy used to be regulated.

In general, it is also advisable to first observe the robot when investing small amounts. In this way, the trader can get to know and internalize how it works. Only when the investor trusts the software’s strategy should the investment amounts be increased. A lower start-up capital also keeps the risk of loss manageable, especially at the beginning of fully automated trading.

Since the bot is based on an algorithm that has significantly more computing capacity than a human would ever be able to, calculations can be carried out very quickly. As a result, the software is able to quickly analyze the market, identify trends and act accordingly. BItcoin Future advantages

There is also another advantage of BItcoin Future in the reaction speed. While a human trader needs some time to make reasonable decisions, a bot can decide on a trade very quickly and react accordingly quickly to sudden price fluctuations.

The speed with which trades are initiated can result in both substantial profits and losses if the bot miscalculates. These are risks that need to be considered before starting the investment. However, previous users of the crypto broker report positive trading experiences and profits that are definitely worth seeing.

Even if the bot can make mistakes, the majority of users are satisfied with its work. Some even report that they couldn’t have invested any better.

In the end, the software promises profitable profits, but it is also not perfect. After all, it is written by people who make human mistakes. In the event of manual trading, the investor can ultimately miscalculate and incur losses.

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Pros & Cons of BItcoin Future


  • easy handling
  • only $ 250.00 seed capital
  • excellent customer service
  • the software supports you with trades
  • free demo account
  • high returns
  • 24 hour payout


  • no free choice of broker

BItcoin Future test – what trading results can be achieved?

BItcoin Future performed well in previous tests, all of which were carried out independently. In most cases, returns are possible, the chance of profits is around 80 percent.

The use of the bot is also very easy and user-friendly. Settings can be made easily and allow the automatic trades to be individualized. In addition to easy-to-understand navigation via the menu, the app can also be used without any great effort. This forwards its user directly to the bot, which is just waiting to be activated.

In order to start the software and begin trading, however, a deposit must first be made. This is an amount of at least USD 250, with which you can already make good profits. The amount is also very suitable for beginners and allows initial observation of the bot.

1. Open a free account

You’ll need to provide your full name, email address, password, and phone number.

2. Make a deposit

You can choose whether you want to pay the minimum amount required or whether you want to invest a larger amount. Choose your preferred payment method for this.

3. Start trading

With the now accessible trading dashboard, you can check your status and make withdrawals.

As is well known, the chance of substantial profits increases with the growth of the investment amounts and parallel to the risk of loss. An initial value of USD 250 retains a manageable risk and allows various strategies to be tested before they turn out to be riskier with increased capital.

Even if the robot of BItcoin Future offers very good advantages, not every trader can get used to entrusting his capital to a machine. In this case, the platform also offers investors the option of manual trading, which is not determined by software. BItcoin Future registration

However, this trading method requires sufficient knowledge of the crypto market and strong time resources. In addition, news of the current situation must be called up on a daily basis and, in addition, almost constant monitoring of the strongly fluctuating course is recommended. It will also be difficult for human traders to stay up to date around the clock. The automatic bot therefore offers the advantage of being able to execute trades day and night.

Investors who nevertheless prefer to trade themselves can of course do so. Another alternative is to let the bot work partially and mix or alternate automatic and manual trading. In this way, the advantages of the automated software can be used, but this does not get complete control over the trade.

BItcoin Future Tips & Tricks
  • Inquire about how auto trading works
  • Invest low
  • Pay out your winnings regularly
  • Start with the demo version
  • Your winnings are taxable

BItcoin Future fraud? How does BItcoin Future work?

In order to be able to use the software of BItcoin Future, the prospective trader must first register on the site. For this purpose, personal data must be given, for example first and last name and a password.

After registration has been completed, a deposit of at least USD 250 is required in order to start trading in cryptocurrencies. The deposit can be made, for example, by credit card or Bitcoin-BTC.

In order to process transactions and verify trades, the platform of BItcoin Future is also connected to a broker. This can be found on most platforms of this type and makes work easier. Like the robot, it works automatically and is not operated by human traders.

After successfully completing the registration and depositing at least 250 USD, crypto trading can be started immediately. In order to set the bot within a narrower framework, parameters can narrow down its scope.

For example, investors can set the amount of winnings up to which the software should be active. The robot can also be paused at any time. This is particularly useful when producing negative series, but it can also make it easier to redefine parameters.

Is it worth using BItcoin Future?

BItcoin Future advertises the offered software very strongly. Striking advertising messages that promise huge profits are therefore not uncommon. However, satisfied users of the platform confirm that it is quite possible to achieve considerable profits.
Even if exaggerated advertising measures and lofty advertising messages are often a deterrent, it is worthwhile to try out the real functionality of the bot in addition to the advertising promises. Of course, hardly any trader suddenly becomes a millionaire overnight. It also seldom happens that users of automatic trading programs can hardly save themselves from the profits they have made and no longer know what to do with all the money.

What is certain, however, is that automatic bots are a sensible alternative to other investment opportunities and can certainly improve the monthly salary. While conventional ways have low interest rates and hardly any returns, cryptocurrency offers great potential to achieve high returns thanks to its strongly fluctuating exchange rate.

Try BItcoin Future for free now

The robot of BItcoin Future takes over the trader’s tasks and increases capital for him in the simplest possible way. The automatic program does not require in-depth knowledge of the crypto market nor a large amount of time resources. While knowledge always offers an advantage, in this way the platform is also suitable for absolute newcomers.

Since the bot is based on an algorithm that can be miscalculated, it is also advisable to regularly check the program. In this way continuous negative series can be avoided and the trader runs less risk of losing all of his capital.
Independent tests and recessions by users also recommend a positive rating of the crypto broker.

On the basis of the work that the bot can actually do and the success already achieved by loyal users, the provider can be classified as serious. BItcoin Future is therefore recommended as an investment opportunity.