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Ten years have passed since the first crypto currencies appeared. A lot has happened in the area of investment. But one thing has stayed the same. People want to make high profits by trading digital currencies without investing a lot of time. So it is not surprising that more and more trading platforms are being founded. One might wonder whether these platforms are reputable or just have fraudulent intent.
Here and now you have to say that most trading platforms work seriously, especially Bitcoin Gemini.
Preliminary conclusion: Bitcoin Gemini convinces with seriousness and transparency.

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What is the Bitcoin Robot at Bitcoin Gemini?

Bitcoin Gemini experiences and reviews

The Bitcoin Gemini trading platform clearly stands out from the crowd. It should be mentioned that there are two types of investors. Some buy Bitcoins and want to keep them for a longer period of time in order to then sell them at a high profit. But you should keep in mind that the huge price explosion at Bitcoin Gemini has been over for a few years. The others speculate with cryptocurrencies. To do this, however, it is necessary to keep an eye on the development of the market and anticipate a corresponding reaction. This is the only way investors can influence the fluctuating price. The right strategy is therefore: buy cheap and sell high. This is how the higher profits can be achieved. However, the investor has to invest a lot of time in his investment. This is where the robot in Bitcoin Gemini comes into play. Because the trading platform provides the Bitcoin Robot for this.
The Bitcoin Robot is a program that can automatically trade according to various specifications. The well thought-out programming reacts to the smallest price fluctuations. Sophisticated algorithms can practically predict the course. That is why Bitcoin Gemini states 92% of its return.

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92% success rate – what does that mean?

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If every answer was as easy as this one. With this percentage, the Bitcoin Gemini software correctly assesses the market development and acts accordingly. This means that exactly 92% of the time the right decision was made and was to buy, sell or keep. Conversely, 8% stand for wrong decisions. That may seem like a lot at first glance, but it's still better than human value. If you compare the trading platform with other platforms, it becomes clear that Bitcoin Gemini deliberately stated the success rate as being so low. This counteracts false promises. Other providers set a return of 99.4%. Bitcoin Gemini clearly shows the investor that there is a low probability that there will be losses.

The function of logging in when trading Bitcoin Gemini

Investors can set up an account with the Bitcoin Gemini trading platform in just a few steps. To do this, investors have to go to the Bitcoin Gemini website and provide some personal data for registration. You will be asked for your first and last name, a telephone number and a valid email address. A password is also required. Investors will promptly receive a code that they can enter on their email address. Bitcoin Gemini will then automatically name a broker who trades in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. In order to start trading, the first cash deposit must be made.

Use the demo account

The beginner or novice, it is recommended, should first use the Bitcoin Gemini free demo account. This means that he can “play through” all of the important strategies for free without having to trade with real money directly. Because only if the strategy behind Bitcoin Gemini is understood by the beginner, profits can be made. Investors should try this until the trading strategies have been understood and one feels safe when trading.

Further steps with the registration with Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini how it works

If the demo account has given the investor security, the first minimum amount can be paid in. The initial deposit should not be higher than 250 euros. The investor has the option of using a credit card or telephone. Bitcoins, however, are not eligible as a one-off payment.
The Bitcoin Gemini Robot provides the same functions as all other providers. Little information needs to be entered in order to start trading. For example, investors specify the type of risk (low, medium, high). In addition, the number of maximum trading, the investment and the desired profit still have to be entered manually. After that, the program can act automatically and generate profits.
The system behind the Bitcoin Gemini platform is very easy to understand. Even a beginner or novice can start trading right away. Nevertheless, the investor should inform himself in advance. Because it is precisely the right attitudes that lead to a profit. There are many videos for information on You Tube or other platforms that show the investor how successful traders operate the Bitcoin Gemini robot. In any case, you should "watch the robot" every now and then and improve the settings. Because it's like everything, if you understand something, it can be profitable. It is also shown why this and that does not succeed and what then needs to be done so that acceptable profits can be achieved.

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Are there any fees and if so, which ones?

Trading Bitcoin Gemini is generally free. Fees are only payable if a win has been made. For the investor, this means that fees are incurred if a profit has been made. The software will then automatically withhold the share. Then 13% is charged, which may sound like a lot, but you should keep in mind that the profit was generated automatically due to the excellent software and still offers a fair offer. The programming of the software works flawlessly, because only then will the providers earn money from the trade. Bitcoin Gemini works seriously and no fraudulent machinations have been found. If a loss has arisen due to incorrect assessments of the software, then the money will not go to Bitcoin Gemini, but to the executing broker.

The function of the payout at Bitcoin Gemini

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Anyone who regularly makes profits should have money paid out regularly. The motto should then be used that it is better not to leave large amounts of money on the platform without all of it being lost.
Withdrawal is very easy. To do this, the investor must click on Payout, enter the amount to be paid out and the account number, and the process is done. Often it does not even take 24 hours until the money is in the investor's account. If there are problems with the payout, customer service can help promptly and competently.

Is the Bitcoin Gemini trading platform safe?

In general, one can assume that trading in cryptocurrencies is speculative and therefore harbors a certain risk. It can also happen that the amount paid in has been lost. The Bitcoin Robot has a high success rate and thus automatic action can ensure security.
But investors should always keep in mind that the amount invested should be based on the financial situation. You should only deposit as much money as you are willing to lose. Therefore, only small amounts should be paid in, especially at the beginning. If the first profits show up, the credit can be topped up. It should be important that withdrawals are requested on a regular basis. This can minimize any possible risk.

Is Bitcoin Gemini reputable or do you have to expect fraud?

Here you can state clearly that Bitcoin Gemini is serious. Registration, deposits and withdrawals as well as the application are kept simple and transparent. There is sensational advertising on the site, but other platforms also advertise it. Finally, the customer must be made aware of the trading platform. Investors should also keep in mind that high profits also require a high deposit. The return that Bitcoin Gemini shows is 88%, which is not a bad result, especially with regard to automatic trading. In any case, it is certain that profits will also be paid out.

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In the end, it can be said that the automated crypto robot is a good solution for many investors. In the past, you had to sit around the clock at your PC to follow the course development, today around 30 minutes are sufficient. This allows the investor to calmly pursue his main job and earn a lucrative sideline by trading Bitcoin Gemini. In order for trading to be successful, beginners should first use the demo account.