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Bitcoins have been around for about ten years. Two years ago, the value of bitcoins exploded. Since then, more and more people want to benefit and earn money with Bitcoins. There are more and more trading platforms on which you can buy and sell Bitcoins and thus reap profits, but sometimes also have to cope with losses. Some of these platforms are more reputable, others less so. There have been repeated reports of customers being scammed by their dealers.
Aside from those few black sheep, the Bitcoin market is by and large legitimate. One of these reputable platforms is Crypto Trader. Anyone who trades with Bitcoins generally needs a lot of time and skill to buy and sell at the right moment. Unless you use Crypto Trader with your bot. This bot is a special program in which you enter some basic values and which then trades bitcoins for the users according to their specifications.

How can you profit with Crypto Trader?

Step 1: Click the link to go to the Crypto Trader official website.
Step 2: Fill out the form to get a FREE license to trade.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the platform to benefit with Bitcoin Circuit!

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Register on the platform

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Signing up is very easy. On the Crypto Trader homepage, the user enters their personal data (surname and first name, a telephone number, an email address and a password of their choice). The confirmation code, which will be emailed to you shortly afterwards, is entered. That's all – the new user is logged in and will be redirected directly to the page with the overview of their own account.

Try it first or act now?

Once you have registered, you can first test out the site and the Crypto Trader Bot. Of course, you can also deposit money right away and start trading. Minimum deposit required is $ 250. There is no upper limit for the deposits. Deposits can be made with various payment systems, including credit cards, Interkasse, Vload and of course with Bitcoins.

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How can you trade with Crypto Trader?

Crypto Trader How It Works

You can choose between trading and auto trading, i.e. between trading yourself and trading automatically. If you want to trade yourself, Crypto Trader works like all other Bitcoin exchanges: wait for a good time and then buy and sell the bitcoins. And hopefully make good profits with it. Automatic action is less time-consuming. You can choose between different risk levels (low, medium or high risk). You can also set a maximum number of trades. Finally, you enter how high the amount of the individual trade is and how high the desired profit should be per trade.

How Crypto Trader works and what makes it special

What do Bitcoin trading platforms have to offer their users? The deposits and withdrawals have to work properly and trading with the bitcoins has to be simple and clear. Crypto Trader offers all of this and much more: The users of Crypto Trader can have an automated program, a bot, trade and enter certain conditions that must be given for trading. This bot, which works like a kind of stock broker, can react immediately to fluctuations in the price and buy or sell bitcoins according to the user's preferences.

How the Crypto Trader Bot works

The Crypto Trader Bot works with algorithms. These react to even the smallest fluctuations in the Bitcoin market. Profits are achieved through targeted buying at the lowest possible price and by selling at the highest possible price. Exact details of the technology are of course not disclosed, these are trade secrets. The software has a lead of 0.01 seconds over the market and can therefore react faster than the rest of the market. According to the programmers, the accuracy is 99.4%. This astonishingly high value promises high security and low risk. Nevertheless, the software behind the Crypto Trader Bot can also speculate.

With Crypto Trader you don't get rich quick and easy

You can actually make a lot of money on Crypto Trader. To do this, however, the conditions must be perfect, high risks must be taken and very large amounts must be traded. Those who take high risks and trade large amounts can also lose a lot of money if the conditions are bad and the value of bitcoin falls at the wrong moment. In order to keep the risk of losing a lot of money low, it is advisable not to invest too large amounts and not to take too large risks – both with Crypto Trader and with all other trading platforms. With smaller amounts and lower risk, the profits are of course also lower. But the profits will also occur with the Crypto Trader Bot. The risk of losing money is very small with the Crypto Trader Bot. But there is always a residual risk.

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Crypto Trader Benefits

The most important precautionary measure when trading with Bitcoins, with or without a bot, that everyone should pay attention to: Only deposit as much money that you can bear the loss of. In addition, if you trade with the bot, you should check it regularly and check whether the settings are as desired, and pay out any winnings regularly. Otherwise the entire profit, if one has made the wrong attitude, is lost in the worst case.

How crypto traders make their money

Crypto Trader deducts 13 percent from every profit that a user makes. This is based on the amount of the profit, i.e. without the amount invested. Therefore, Crypto Trader is of course interested in the platform and software working properly. Crypto Trader only makes money when Crypto Trader users make money on the platform, the perfect win-win situation. If the users lose money, Crypto Trader has none of it. Because the money that the user has lost has been passed on to other people on other platforms.

How users can cash out their winnings

If a trade was carried out by the user, by the user himself or by the Crypto Trader Bot and a profit was made, 13 percent will be automatically deducted from the profit. The remaining amount of the winnings, i.e. 87%, will be credited to the account together with the stake. There is no need to contact customer service for a payout, but is requested directly on the site and is done 24 hours later. The money is paid out to the bank account specified by the user and cannot be paid out in Bitcoin.

Profits from trading Bitcoins are taxable

Crypto Trader Success

All profits made by trading Bitcoins must be declared with the tax and are taxable. In order to be able to report the necessary information to the tax authorities as easily as possible, it is advisable to always make a note of all deposits and withdrawals.

Tips to successfully trade Bitcoins with Crypto Trader

The four most important tips for new users so that they can start trading Bitcoins as quickly and successfully as possible and make their first profits: Find out more about the Crypto Trader Bot from successful traders, invest only small sums, have profits regularly paid out and first the Use demo version.

Here are the four most important tips for a successful trading with Bitcoins on Crypto Trader explained in more detail:

You can find out more about the Crypto Trader Bot from successful traders using videos, for example on YouTube. It explains exactly how the Crypto Trader Bot works and the possible settings such as the level of risk, the money used, the number of trades and the desired profit. This allows users to optimize their settings. Of course, users can also start trading automatically by simply trying it out, but the gains will be greater for users who know how to optimize their settings.
Invest only small sums, even if you are attracted by high profits. But there is always the risk – even if it is only small – that you will lose money. The smaller the amount you invest, the smaller the loss if things go wrong.
Have winnings paid out regularly so that the money you have won is safe in your bank account and you do not run the risk of risking the money through a thoughtless attitude or on a whim and then, in the worst case, losing it entirely.
Use the demo version first to familiarize yourself with the new software before investing money and possibly losing it – through ignorance.

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