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The “ The News Spy ” app offers investors the opportunity to trade CFDs. According to the provider, it should be possible to achieve high profits with little work. The corresponding information video can be found on the website of The News Spy. This website also contains reports from users who almost always have positive reports.
In our test, we took a closer look at The News Spy to check these statements. Our conclusion first: The News Spy is a serious way to trade Bitcoin and enter the cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, due to its high volatility, this market also harbors risks that every investor should be aware of.

Our rating: The News Spy is not a scam.
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The News Spy experiences – The website


As soon as you have called up the website, the aforementioned information and advertising video will run. Some people tell of their experiences around trading with Bitcoin and give consistently positive judgments about The News Spy. The video also explains what and how some managed to become millionaires with the help of The News Spy. Of course, there are also matching pictures of fast cars, beautiful women and luxury villas in the background. So this video can first be classified under the heading “Marketing”.

Further down on this home page, other users are cited, their profits made public and shown as positive The News Spy. Here the provider – like many others – uses the possibilities of the internet and technology to positively highlight its offer – Bitcoin equity capitalization. Interested parties should always keep this in mind and not just listen to these advertising promises. Of course, it can be helpful to use optimized software. However, even the best software is no magic bullet, and no app can “make” millionaires.

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The registration process at The News Spy

  1. Please enter your email address.
  2. Following the instruction video, add your personal information and open your account at The News Spy. It only continues after verification and legitimation.
  3. Now you have to pay in your starting amount (at least € 250). This will be credited to your account immediately and you can request it back at any time.
  4. After the broker has been selected and the account has been activated, you can use this crypto software and start trading according to its signals.

Visit the official website of The News Spy

General information on trading digital currencies

“Bitcoin” is a so-called crypto currency, that is, electronic money. There is no central bank or a single administrator, rather it is a decentralized digital currency. It can be sent back and forth in the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network without an intermediary. There are a few important things to keep in mind:

  1. The market for digital currencies, including Bitcoin, is very volatile. In other words, prices fluctuate a lot. If you can make a fortune in one day, everything is gone the next day. It doesn't matter whether you are trading with Bitcoin or any other digital currency. So you should find your way into the market, collect information and protect yourself – never use your last reserves for trading, for example.
  2. Background knowledge also helps you to find the right strategy for you in trading Bitcoin & Co. Software that automates trading (so-called bots like The News Spy) optimizes the chances of winning through the use of complex calculations on the course of the exchange rate. But even such a bot cannot guarantee profits. Even in automated trading, the investor plays a decisive role in success – or failure! – at. After all, you chose your own parameters when you registered.
  3. If you are based on market capitalization, i.e. primarily trading Bitcoin and Etherum, the risks of total losses are rather low. The other crypto currencies involve greater risks, but for this very reason they can also bring a quick profit. The News Spy advantages

The News Spy test – How The News Spy can be used

If you are curious and want to test The News Spy, register, enter your personal data and confirm your account. This verification can be done, for example, by clicking the link in the confirmation email that was sent to you when you registered. You must also identify yourself and confirm your address.
That sounds cumbersome, but it is only for your safety and meets the statutory requirements. All in all, registration at The News Spy usually only takes a few minutes.

You are now ready to trade on or with The News Spy

The registration process is usually completed in a few minutes. Only a small amount of personal data is requested, which speaks against data misuse by the provider. There are also measures to protect sensitive data – professional administration of user data also seems to be a matter of course for the The News Spy. To set up your account, the bot only needs your name, your telephone number and your email address. After the deposit you can start trading.
The News Spy accepts credit cards from MasterCard, Maestro and VISA as well as WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill for deposits and withdrawals.


The News Spy itself does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals, but transaction fees may apply to the financial institution that mediates the transaction.

Live trading

After the deposit you have access to the web trader and you can set up your trading account. Here you can already look at some of the functions of the app without immediately acting “correctly”. This is also recommended so that you are already familiar with the basic functions of the app before you use real money. In live trading, the app analyzes the crypto markets for opportunities and risks and places trades accordingly. At The News Spy there is an opportunity to make money on both falling and rising markets.
The News Spy uses various strategies to maximize the chances of winning. Of course, as an investor, you indicate the direction by choosing the asset in which you want to invest. In addition, you determine the amount with which you want to trade.

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Trading Fees and Expiry

The News Spy How it works

The News Spy does not charge royalties. If a trader makes a profit, however, small commissions have to be paid for this. These appear at the point of the transaction before your confirmation. With the confirmation you also agree to the corresponding amount of the commission. Here you also have an overview of which of your positions are still open or already closed. All transactions are processed within 24 hours.
As a user of The News Spy you can have your money paid out at any time.

Notes and special features

After registering at The News Spy, it is possible that someone will contact you by phone or you will receive a notification by email to encourage you to invest more money. You can, but don't have to, follow. The decision how much you invest is always yours. Always invest only as much as you can spare and choose the amount that you are comfortable with.

The News Spy scam? Is The News Spy legitimate?

Even if the advertising in the videos sometimes seems sensational and the user reviews are consistently positive, The News Spy can be a real help when trading Bitcoin.
But you should always be aware of the risks in such a highly speculative market. Here, too, speculators cavort – as with all other exchanges from real estate to gold. And even when neither the gains nor the losses are predictable, there are ways to win. But losses are also possible and likely. So take a close look at what you can spare and be aware that there are no automatic wins – your stake will always be demanded. Make sure you acquire a certain basic knowledge before starting trading and always expect a loss.
If you're still willing and convinced that The News Spy is right for you, start with the smallest possible amount (€ 250) and look at the results. If you make a profit, you can keep investing. The Bitcoin prices fluctuate very strongly for a variety of reasons – and this since its introduction. But this is exactly where the opportunities lie – as always in life on the stock market: high risk also harbors great opportunities. But you always have to be aware of this, because it is your money, your decision and your responsibility.

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